Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keeping an Eternal Vision

I had the awesome privilege of attending the annual Servanthood Ministries Convention September 18-20 in New Boston, Texas. The theme of the convention was "Keeping and Eternal Vision." That is exactly what I was motivated to do as I left! I have such a desire now to look to God and let go of distractions.

I have been attending this convention since 2000, and I never cease to be amazed at how very real God's presence is manifested like a blanket of peace over the conferencees and like a geizer of joy springing up from within each individual heart. It is an experience that one has to be present to really know what I am talking about.

In ministry I get the feeling that I am pouring out to people as I share the love of God I have deep within. There comes a time when I have to pull away from the crowd and get alone with the Father as Jesus did to get poured into again. That's what God let me do when I went to the Servanthood Ministries convention. Thank God for filling my tank to be able to go out and pour into hurting people's lives even more!

One of the highlights of the convention for me was when a youth group from a local church ministered to the crowd with a human video to the song, "We Sing to the Nations." The young people had flags from different countries. The worship leader then got up and asked someone to hold the American Flag. The microphone was then open to anyone who felt led to pray for our country. I was one of the ones who went up to pray. I have been stirred to pray for the church in America for racial reconciliation, especially during this election. I asked a great African American friend of mine to come up to the stage. I then took her by the hand and began to pray for racial prejudism between whites and blacks in the church to be torn down. I then faced my friend, looked her in the eye, and said through tears, "On behalf of all the whites in the church, please forgive us!" She then took the microphone and said, "On behalf of my brothers and sisters, we release you from responsibility." There was more to the prayers, but bottom line, a real sincerity rang out from both sides, and the audience was moved and agreed with us in prayer.

Please join with me as we continue to pray for racial reconciliation in the church. Pray also that believers will wake up and set their focus on eternity! If they do, the racial issue will automatically be resolved!

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