Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Emmaus: The Wow Factor!

"Wow!" That's the word I kept finding myself saying while I was on my Walk to Emmaus journey in the beautiful NC mountains. It is one of those things that you cannot truly grasp until you experience it yourself. Before I went, I was asked what I hoped to get from my time at Mountain Top Emmaus. My response: "I pour out in ministry so much, I just want to be poured into!" That is exactly what happened!

What a joy to gather together with women from across the denomination lines to be set apart for 72 hours with our Lord! He certainly met us there! My two longings (being in His presence and seeing the body of Christ laying aside differences to come together) were more than fulfilled.

And my first day back (the 4th day, as they call it)...well, let's just say I certainly knew I wasn't on the mountain top anymore! Oh, yes, mountains of laundry and situations in ministry welcomed me home! Beside that, my body is tired. As one fellow pilgrim on the journey called it, I have "exhausted exhilaration!" That's OK, though, because I now know that I can operate on the overflow. When I get alone with my God, His Agape Love flows through me, cleaning me out and filling me up to overflowing. I now know that I need that overflow to keep going in ministry and everyday life without burning out.

I used to say that every Christian needs to do 2 things in their life time: 1. help start a church or ministry from the ground and 2. go on a short-term missions trip. Now I am adding a third thing: Go on a Walk To Emmaus journey! I recommend the Mountain Top Emmaus serving Western NC and North Georgia. To all those readers from Mountain Top, THANK YOU!! The love and service lavished on all the participants was such a physical example of Christ's grace to His beloved. We all come back renewed and ready to show that same love of Christ to weary believers and lost souls. Forward march!


  1. So nice to hear that you have been refreshed, renewed and poured into. You have given so much through theofostics and the ministry, it's nice to hear you were truly blessed. It sounds like an amazing walk I hope to take someday. It is hard to walk away from such great blessings and back to reality you might say. I long for the day we'll share together the greatest joy for eternity. You think we'll have to do laundry there? LOL

  2. Just to say I agree on teh Emmaus Walk and do recommend it to all Christians. Our www.kindredheartwriters.com writing group is working on a Emmaus Moment devotion book. I think it will be such an exciting book. May God continue to bless you. I also know about the laundry side of life. :-) Clella