Thursday, November 5, 2009

Obedience - Better than Sacrifice

Obedience is better than sacrifice. In my mind, the word sacrifice has two connotations. 1. (noun) a burnt sacrifice to the Lord (as in the Old Testament animal sacrifices), and 2. (verb) giving something up that is dear. Both of these meanings can be a precious aroma in God’s nostrils, but they can also be a stinch if 1. they are not necessary, 2. they are done by rote as a religious “duty,” 3. they are done to be seen of men and not God.

More is to come on this in the unit on obedience in the book I'm writing, God's Chain Gang: Links in the Chain to Freedom. Any thoughts on this from the gallery? I'd like your feedback on this. Please leave comments.

I will leave you with one thought about #3 about doing "sacrifices" to be seen of men and not God. If God wants others to see the sacrifice you make for Him, He will show them, but if you do it with that in mind, then it is not truly a sacrifice to God. It is just a performance to gain approval of men. Hmmm...much more on THAT in future blogs and in the book, too!


  1. Often obedience is the sacrifice! Yet in the midst of obeying the Father, your life is refined which produces hope and assurance in the faithfulness of God, no matter what the sacrifice (obedience) started with - it ends in gaining God's heart.

  2. Good one, Doreen! I think your comment is one that I am going to mull over in my mind and see what other thoughts come from it! It's one of those things you get more from each time you read it!