Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Call to Anguish

I now have had at least 4 friends post this video with a clip from a message delivered by David Wilkerson. I must say, it has totally stirred me. I have been experiencing some of what he is talking about lately: anguish in intercession. When I listened to it, it dawned on me that that is exactly what I was experiencing.

I wrestled with God on the calling on my life. I wanted to go to the lost, but He wants me to minister to the Church. People cannot grasp that concept: a ministry to equip the believers. (You see, when that happens, believers can more effectively go out and take the Good News to people who don't know.) I don't have pictures of starving children to show people to get funding. My message seems to not pull anyone's heart strings to help us like some foreign missionaries. (Although, these days, foreign missionaries are suffering from lack of funding from the sad!) How many times have I almost thrown in the towel? But I can't! When I think that way, God sends someone to give an encouraging word, give a sacrificial offering, or be set free in an Inner Healing Prayer Session. Then I know it's worth it all to keep going! This time, God used someone to post a video on facebook to remind me to keep going. WOW! After watching it, I was stirred to get alone with God and pour out my soul in anguish about the Church.

Rise up, Body of Christ! The enemy wants to distract you from what is important; he wants to make you lethargic; he wants to silence you; he wants to drain you of any strength physically or emotionally; he wants to give you so many things to do that you will not have time to pray or read the Word; he wants to keep you poor so you won't have any money to give, or rich and not caring to give. When we see his tactics, we will rise up and be stronger in Christ because of all that that has been thrown at us.

I thank God for David Wilkerson. For those of you who did not know, he died this past Wednesday in a car wreck. He has completed what God called him to do here on earth and is now enjoying the reward of Heaven. Now, it is up to us to carry the torch...will you?

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  1. Tammy, when I watched this on another friend's blog it stopped me in my tracks. I keep trying to run away from the feelings of anguish God has placed in my heart to get me to intercede, when really He was asking me to pay attention, to stay on alert. If you listen to the whole sermon that this comes from, David Wilkerson says that we can't stay in anguish all the time, but when you go into it, once you come out your discernment is sharpened and you can see things for what they really are.