Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jesus "stirs up the people."

When I was reading the Bible this morning, something jumped out from the page at me. This time I want to get feedback from my blog readers, so please take a couple of minutes and send a response. The verse is Luke 23:5. The setting is when the people took Jesus to Pilate to get Him crucified. Pilate said that he found no fault in Him, but the people went on to tell Pilate why they thought he should be killed. The first argument they had was that Jesus "stirs up the people". This made them angry. What I want to know is what do you think that means and why were the people so angry about it?


  1. My guess? The Pharisees and Saduccees (sp?) were the instigators. Anyone intimidated by them or who thought like them in the first place would gladly join that mob at Pilate's. People feared the Romans, so many would be afraid Jesus had rocked that boat enough that all Jews might be punished for His actions. And once you get enough people on the bandwagon, it's not hard to persuade more and more to join in. Mob mentality is a scary thing. Somewhat like sheep from a horror movie.

  2. Things really haven't changed much! I don't really think that the leaders were all that concern with the people, they were concern that they stay in control of them and that no one "preaches" anything other than what they wanted said. It is interesting to me that the ones who really were "stirred up" at the moment were these leaders and those caught in their grasp of control and deceived to think that truth was evil. I don't think the average person was stirred up in a negative way that was alleged. It is much like today. When a pastor or teacher or someone speaking forth their Christian values and Bibical truths in such a way that righteousness, godliness and truth stirs the hearts of the hearers to live a seperate life from the society (world) around them, then the leaders of the day call them intolerant hateful people and do everything they can to silence them (like they tried with Jesus). It is part of the evil verses God we face in this world. I think that Jesus "stirred" the people to live righteous and truthful lives without being bound to the laws of man, freeing them from sin and the grasp of the religious leaders. But the leaders didn't like that and so twisted it, said he stirred them up in anger and evil, which really is just how they responded. Satan is such a deceiver, and leaders everywhere need our prayers.

  3. When Jesus spoke, He spoke with authority. His words challenged the 'traditional' perspective
    being taught at the time. Kingdom principles contradict earthly principles. The hearts and minds of the people who heard Him speak and saw Him perform miracles were 'stirred up'. Jesus shook the foundational 'status quo' which 'stirred up' the religious community and their agenda.