Monday, February 2, 2009

Lighten Up! Going Deeper! report

God truly showed up and showed out at the Lighten Up! Going Deeper! women's conference this past Saturday! What a kick off as the first conference Legacy Ministries has ever put on. Boy, did we ever have obstacles leading up to the conference! The enemy sure did not want it to happen! He lost, though! BIG TIME!!

Reports from attendees are starting to come in. One lady told me that she did not know what to expect, but she is so glad she went. She said that everything led to the next. Every song, speaker, testimony, etc. kept building up to the next thing all for God's purposes. Another said, "Your conference was awesome the whole day. Sometimes I get bored at other women's conferences, but not this one!" Yet another said,
"It took me a while to understand the "lighten up" part of the conference but once I did I think a shed a few spiritual pounds of judgement! Your style of communicating what God had given you was relaxed and oozed with love for God and His women. I would highly recommend this conference to those that are thirsty for more and want to experience freedom from past hurts and prejudices."

I am going to post some pictures on my website. You can get there by clicking on the title to this blog entry. If they are not there yet, check back. If any of you attended the conference, please leave a comment to this blog. I'd love to read what God did for you!

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  1. I would first like to say that I'm here because I can not get my daily audio bible to work. I've attempted it many times since the conference, so I figured I would use this time the devil is trying to take away and give glory to God with my testimony.
    I attended the Lighten Up Going Deeper conference, but there were many many struggles prior to the conference. Days leading up to the conference I struggled greatly with an eating disorder I've had for 28 years. The more I wanted to fast, the harder it came. The day before, I decided I wasn't going and felt totally unworthy and undeserving.....but I did end up going to spite myself you could say.
    During the conference through the morning hours, my heart grew harder with every testimony and speaker. Just one thing led to another and another. Shanon's testimony was more than I could take and I began feeling sick and so angry with God. My heart began racing and xtreme anxiety set in, "I felt I couldn't breath", I left during her testimony to seek a hiding place away from it all so I went and sat in the bathroom stall for a while. The unhealed parts in me just kept rising. I decided that's it I've had enough no more and I shoved it all back down taking "false" control and reentering the sanctuary. I made up my mind when lunch time came I was going home and not coming back. I thought over and over again, "nope no one is getting in here and my heart kept sinking deeper".
    My heart was so heavy at this point, an alter call was made. I thought I would bust if I didn't get out of there....I stood back off to myself thinking just finish so I can leave already......when a dear sister came over, took my hands and began to just pray. She didn't ask me anything, she just prayed hard and harder. Her prayers felt as hard as the wall that had encased my heart. My wounded parts faught inside to push her back, but prayers kept coming even more powerful. Like the stone which found a hole in goliath's armor and sank into his forehead, the prayer entered my heart and sunk me to my knees where another layer of healing took place in my life and the pain was slain just like Goliath. I learned that never a word need be spoken but that "tears" literally heal when they fall on broken and dry ground.
    When I finished pouring out the pain, I looked to see a beautiful sister by my side who had fought the battle with me. I had never met her and she didn't know me. I asked, "how did you know"? Did you feel it? She said, "yes". Then she continued to tell me that God said, "he loves to hear me sing and wanted me to pour out my pain and hurt in song to him just as he gifted Haddie with the gift of poetry." I was like really he hears me and again she said, "yes". I never knew... My heart was filled to overflowing because I do sing quiet often in private places, but I never felt like he heard me or hears me nor that it was beautiful. So I know my father "daddy" hears me now and it had to come from him because no one knew that.
    I fail to yet be amazed at the healing God has brought into my life through my dear friends and sisters Tammy Melton, Shannon Huggins and "Inner Healing Prayer". He truly heals from the inside out. My husband is even amazed at the changes in me. Only God could change the women I was to the women I am today and the woman I will become. I hold to his promises that he will not leave me unfinished! I believe the prayer itself was flowing straight from the throne room of God.
    I love you Tammy and thank you so much for using the gifts God has given you.
    Sharon Lynn