Saturday, March 14, 2009

Are You Sure You're Willing?

I had the privilege of attending 3 of the 4 nights of Bruce Wilkinson's conference on his new book, You Were Born For This! this past week at Operation Mobilization in Tyrone, GA. He will be back Monday through Thursday night this week, too. I highly recommend attending to those of you who are anywhere close to Tyrone! It is 6:15-9:00!

One of the things he pointed out was that God is not looking for willingness and availability; He's looking for action! His message was that you can be willing to your grave and still not do much for God. When Isaiah saw the Lord (Isaiah 6) he was changed. When God said, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?", Isaiah responded, "Here am I! Send me!" Notice he did not say, "I'm willing." He said, "Send me!" When you do that, expect God appointments!

I challenge you to pray each morning this week for God to send you. Keep a tally. See how many people God sends your way to show His love, peace, joy and freedom. When you do, your awe of God will be multiplied! You may just become addicted and ask God every morning! Come back and leave a comment. I'd love to know!

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