Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in Georgia!

A little break from the "serious" blogging...

Can you believe it? It snowed about 4 inches or more at our house today! It's already melted, but the kids had a blast! They made a "gorilla" snowman and sledded down the hill in our yard. They're even more excited now, because since it's going to get in the 20's and refreeze all the slush, school is closed tomorrow! I'm so glad...more for Bill, my teacher husband. He needs a break!

It's nice to have one afternoon of a winter wonderland post-card view in our own yard! All this happened on March 1, no less! It's supposed to be in the 70's in a few days. Go figure!


  1. Oh yes wasn't it beautiful? We actually had to go grocery shopping after early service that morning. Kaden stayed in the car while Wade & I shopped when the wintery wonderland began. We got a kick out of watching the store fill up and people stocking up on bread and milk, LOL.....Anyway, we truly enjoyed that day and watching it snow. Kaden had a blast as well. He didn't like it when I made him come in after about 4 hours and he was soak and wet, but mom's worry about our little getting sick I guess. Thanks for your blog Tammy, It really gives great reading and blessings.
    Be blessed today in all you do!

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