Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I thank God upon every remembrance of you!

This past weekend I had the awesome privilege of going to 1st Assembly of God in Caldwell, TX to speak at a women's conference on Saturday and the church on Sunday morning and evening. It was like going to Mayberry! Now I understand totally what Paul meant when he said, "I thank God upon every remembrance of you in my prayers!" The people at 1st Assembly were so sweet! They showered me with love and received the word God gave me for them with joy. God's presence was so real in worship and during the messages. I will treasure that weekend for years to come. I thank God for the opportunity and I thank all of you at 1st AG! Get ready, God's bringing great increase your way! I look forward to the great reports. I look forward more to coming back and seeing for myself! :)

Feel free to click on the title to this post and see pictures of the conference in Caldwell.


  1. thanks for visiting my blog! I really would likie to find your book. Can I purchase it at any Christian Book Store?
    I use that analogy a lot when I write, because I believe that God does speak to us in our senses, if only we would listen and open ourselves to what He offers.
    You have a nice blog...I will be following.

  2. HI, If you just click on my name,it will bring you to my blog. Thanks for the email and for visiting my blog. I will get to your website and read about the book. It sounds like something that I would like to read.