Friday, August 1, 2008

Introduction to this blog...

The world of blogging....oh yes! I have been meaning to enter this world for a while and finally did. I first started a blog on, but I didn't realize that the only ones who can read it are those that are members of shoutlife. Now with this new blog, anyone can read and comment.

For those of you who maybe stumbled across this and do not know me, my name is Tammy Melton. I am the wife (for 22 years) of Bill Melton (the BEST husband!) and mother of awesome daughters, Amy (8th gr.) and Amber (5th gr). I am a Christian speaker and author. My book, Loving God With All Five Senses, was published in 2007. It is great for inspirational reading or for a 6 week individual or group Bible study. For more information, go to my website, There you can click on a link to see a 3 1/2 minute promo video about the book.

I am also the President of a new ministry Bill and I started called Legacy Ministries for Christ, Incorporated in the Peachtree City/Fayetteville area of GA. You can get more information on that at my website as well. In a nut shell, we have an Equipping Center that is for people from all different denominations in the community to come together to be trained and equipped in whatever area of ministry the Lord is stirring in them to do.

I will basically be using this blog to post things that God is stirring in my heart. I would love to get your feedback.

Be Blessed Indeed!


  1. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your ministry.

    Donovan and Kathy Barron
    currently in Casablanca, Morocco

  2. Blessings to you, Tammy. I'm a Georgia gal north of Atlanta.

  3. I am an 81 year old blogger. Please take a look at my site on memoirs of my life:

    I grew up in Baltimore with many happy memories. My old neighborhood in west Baltimore is too dangerous to walk through. There was a time when I thought I would never leave the city because of all it’s convenience. If you didn’t have a car you could ride a street car. Going down town was always a great pleasure. There were large Department stores, theaters and museums. Where I lived you could walk to the zoo, movie theater and a roller rink.