Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pray for Gaza!

This morning I went to to read my assignment for the day in my Bible reading plan, and my eyes fell on a link about a Baptist Church being damaged in the midst of the bombing between Hamas and Israel. (If you click on the title of this blog, it will take you to the article.) As a born-again Christian so many thoughts race through my mind as I think about what is unfolding before our very eyes! Wow! Think of it!

Growing up I used to hear sermons all the time about the rapture of the church. I remember reel to reel movies being shown at church all about the Lord's soon return. Since then I have not heard much about getting ready for the Lord's return. Now things are changing. At least they better! All those things they used to preach about are actually happening, and they are increasing at an alarming rate. I don't mean to scare anyone. If your heart is right with God all this news should excite you. If you are not sure, it is time! (I recommend going to Remember, Jesus' return to take His bride, the church, to Heaven is our "Blessed Hope." (See Titus 2:13.)

Let this blog be a reminder to you to do as the Bible commands us and "pray for the peace of Jerusalem." The only way there will be peace is when the "New Jerusalem" is set up. That means when we pray for peace in Jerusalem, we are actually praying for the Lord to come! In the meantime, let us also remember to pray for the Christians in the area, like this Baptist church that happened to be right in the midst of the crossfire. We need to also pray for the Jews and Muslims to find the true Prince of Peace as we have. Jesus is the world's only HOPE!

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